Two females arrested for assisting escape of PRCSO jail inmate

Two arrests have been made in regards to the escape and capture of inmate Jessie Millis, age 30, who escaped from the Pearl River County Jail on Sunday afternoon at around 2:30 p.m. Millis was captured approximately three hours later, during which time he stole a Waste Management truck from the landfill in Millard.

Millis was able to escape by removing ceiling tiles from a visitation room he was being held in due to his suicidal threats. Millis was later taken into custody at 30 Cypress Drive in Picayune. Millis was taken back to the jail in Millard and booked for escape and grand larceny.

Two females who were present at the residence where Millis was found were arrested.

Kimberly Penton (age 26) of 30 Cypress Drive, Picayune, and Sara Richard (age 37) of 74 Ginger Street, Picayune, were taken into custody and charged with escape of prisoners, aiding escape of felons, and rescuing prisoners from custody.