Treasury returned $18M in missing money this year; See if you are owed any money

Mississippi Treasury returned $18 million in missing money in the last calendar year. Treasurer David McRae said it’s the most returned in recent history.

“Thousands of Mississippians are missing money. For some, it was a bank account they forgot about; for others, an unknown inheritance; and still others, a refund that got mailed to an old address,” McRae said.

McRae recommends any Mississippian search the treasury’s website for unclaimed money.

“You never know what you could find.”

Missing money gets turned over to the state when banks, credit unions and retail stores cannot find the rightful owner. Only after five years of being unclaimed does the money get turned over to the treasury’s unclaimed property division to find the owner.

You can click here to check if you have any unclaimed money.