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Supervisors receive update on grants

An update on grant funding took center stage at Monday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Supervisors. The county’s grant writer, Ms. Nuria Arias, laid out what the County has received and what she is hopeful about receiving in the near future. Arias submitted a total of nearly $1,078,000 in grant requests.

The largest grant request is for $870,000 and would fund programs to lower recidivism and address substance abuse. The program is called the 2nd Chance Act for Success Initiative to be used in coordination with Jacob’s Well Outreach.

Pearl River County is ranked #1 in the State for opioid related deaths and abuse. Already approved is a grant from the Mississippi Institute for Health to launch a drug prevention campaign in the amount of $150,000 and is slated to be distributed quarterly. It’s main function will be to develop a prevention campaign focusing on educating the public on the seriousness of the opioid crisis.

Also on the grant wish-list is a massive shot in the arm for Economic Development in the County. $30 million is available to qualified applicants with the lowest amount to be awarded is set at $100,000 according to Arias. She stated she will be working closely with County Administrator Adrian Lumpkin and Director of Economic Development Blaine Lafontaine, in hopes of getting this grant pushed through.


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