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Supervisors hear good news on the weir project

The Pearl River County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday for their first meeting of the New Year. During the meeting, County Engineer Les Dungan gave an update on the ongoing Walkiah Weir restoration project.

Dungan informed the board that County Administrator Adrian Lumpkin signed off on the Nationwide Permit application to be sent to the Army Corps of Engineers for approval of the restoration work to begin. The Corps was satisfied with the revised plan Dungan and his team put together over the last few months for Phase I of the project. Once the permit is approved, it will be the county's greenlight to begin work.

“We are optimistic about the response.” Dungan said, “We are starting the process to receive bids in anticipation of receiving the Corps approval.”

When asked by the board members on a time frame, Dungan said it should take no more than sixty days to receive a response.

County Administrator Adrian Lumpkin stated, “ I don’t think the corps will say no this time with the revised plan that Les has sent in matching all of what they asked for in a revision.”


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