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Supervisors get update on Walkaih Weir project

Tyler Johnson - WRJW News

During its meeting on Wednesday the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors received several updates from County Engineer Les Dungan of Dungan Engineering on county wide projects.

One such update was on the Weir project at Walkiah and Dungan brought good news to the board. The Board’s contact with the Army Corps of Engineers, Amy Brown, was able to send her request of comments to the U.S. Fisheries and Wildlife divisions in Mississippi and Louisiana and has already heard back from the Mississippi division.

The Mississippi division had some minor concerns but overall felt fine with the permit application. The Louisiana division has yet to respond and will have until April 7th to formally submit their response, but Dungan feels confident of a positive response from Louisiana.

Once they get the response, Brown can move forward with issuing the permit for the project.



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