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Supervisors are looking at multiple options to demolish building

The Pearl River County Board of Supervisors listened to County Engineer Les Dungan, discuss bids for the scheduled demolition of the old Courthouse on Julia Street in Poplarville.

Based on the bids received, the Supervisors decided to not accept the bids in favor of using the County’s Road Maintenance crew or a possible collaboration with PRCC to allow students learning heavy equipment operation to get in some real world experience. The cost to the County appears to be much less by going that route, than the bids proposed by private companies in the area.

A study to see what the building is actually made of is in the works. If it is constructed mainly of concrete, then the County would re-purpose the material for use as rip-rap in heavy drainage areas. The demolition of the building is possible, even though it was built in 1891, because it has never been designated as a historical landmark.

The County will use the cleared land for parking for the current courthouse and the new annex office building that recently opened.



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