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Supervisors approve hazardous pay approach for county employees

The Pearl River County Board of Supervisors resumed their recess meeting on Monday to discuss the current status of COVID-19 virus in the county.

After a lengthy discussion of what would be the best scenario for the safety of county employees and being able to continue necessary operations in the county, the board passed an order to implement changes in how the workforce will be used.

The order, which will be initially put in place for two weeks, will require all county offices to go to skeleton crews (minimal number of employees needed) to conduct the county’s business and operations. Employees will be sent home on administrative leave and will be paid their normal compensation while they are ordered to stay at home.

If a worker is needed to work, they will receive what is referred to as hazardous pay which will be paid in one and a half time the employees normal rate.

The order states that the County Administrator and elected officials will decide on a rotation schedule for those employees who are to be asked to work. Hancock County passed a similar order at their meeting last week.

The board also passed an order stating that the issuance of a marriage license is not considered an essential need. This order came about because the Circuit Clerk office has been receiving numerous requests from individuals, especially from Louisiana.


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