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Superintendent Alan Lumpkin provides update on PRC schools

Superintendent Alan Lumpkin addressed the Pearl River County School Board of Trustees on Thursday evening via video conference and laid out the procedure the system will be using during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lumpkin echoed Governor Tate Reeves order that schools will remain closed throughout the remainder of this school year. The Shelter in Place order will also remain in effect until at least April 20th. Students will continue to receive instructional packets in an online format.

For students without access to the internet, the 2nd instructional packet will be available for pick-up next Wednesday, April 22nd. The school system is also actively working on ways to reschedule important events, such as prom, so that students don’t miss out on the full school experience of annual events.

Lumpkin pointed out what may be a bright spot during this crisis. Due to the absence of students and faculty on the campuses, it has allowed for the construction going on at the schools to move at a rapid pace. Almost all of the major work being done has been completed and other projects are on schedule to be finished soon.



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