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Stennis Space Center Employees Receive Silver Snoopy Awards

RELEASE: S23-004

Stennis Space Center's NASA office recently presented numerous local residents with Space Flight Awareness Silver Snoopy awards.

Brandon Ladner, a native of Poplarville, is a NASA mechanical design engineer with the Engineering and Test Directorate at NASA Stennis. He was honored for the role he played in the Space Launch System core stage hot fire on the B-2 Test Stand, which was the most powerful test conducted at NASA Stennis in over 50 years. Ladner’s work provided the basis of the final data products necessary to certify the core stage for the Artemis I flight and several systems designed for future Green Run testing of the Exploration Upper Stage at NASA Stennis.

Samantha Lopez, a native of Carriere, is a project manager with SAIC at NASA Stennis. She was honored for her work with the National Center for Critical Information Processing and Storage for the NASA Shared Services Center. The accomplishments of Lopez in project management and cost avoidance contributed to operational improvements at the processing and storage center that increased reliability and availability of rocket propulsion test data.

Peter Taggard II, a native of Picayune, Mississippi, is the senior lead logistics analyst for Aerojet Rocketdyne at NASA Stennis. He was honored for support in the successful delivery of RS-25 engines and hardware. Taggard’s efforts have played a key role in adding to the reputation of NASA Stennis as the agency’s Center of Excellence for propulsion testing.

Bridget Moody, a native of McNeill,

is a NASA environmental specialist with the Center Operations Directorate at NASA Stennis. She was honored for work that ensured the environmental compliance programs enabled NASA Stennis to perform its rocket engine testing mission.

NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Program recognizes outstanding job performances and contributions by civil servants and contract employees and focuses on excellence in quality and safety in support of human spaceflight. The Silver Snoopy is the astronauts’ personal award and is presented to less than one percent of the total NASA workforce annually.

The award is presented by a member of the astronaut corps representing its core principles for outstanding flight safety and mission success. Astronaut Andrew Feustel, a Lake Orion, Michigan native, presented the awards at a ceremony at Stennis Space Center. All recipients received a Silver Snoopy lapel pin flown aboard the SpaceX-14 flight to the International Space Station in April-May 2018.

All Photo Credits: (NASA/Danny Nowlin)

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