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Stennis Space Center - ASTRO CAMP® community collaboration opportunities

The NASA Southeast Regional Office of STEM Engagement and NASA Science Mission Directorate – Science Activation (Sci-Act) Program have announced community collaboration opportunities, open to all youth-serving organizations, for 2021 ASTRO CAMP® sessions. NASA’s ASTRO CAMP® Community Partners Program collaborates with universities, schools, museums, libraries, and youth service organizations to provide unique STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) engagement activities and experiences to youth, families, and educators in their own communities. Through the program, NASA works to provide trained community educators and facilitators for all students to have access to authentic NASA science experiences and resources, ASTRO CAMP® approaches, and STEM activities. ASTRO CAMP® activities are aligned to Next Generation Science standards and include engineering challenges. Resources are particularly focused on reaching learners in under-served and under-represented communities. The collaboration offers real-world opportunities for every student to join in, and contribute to, NASA science missions, enhance science understanding, and build NASA connections, all with a goal of inspiring lifelong learners and explorers. It highlights current and past NASA missions, while using hands-on activities to expand STEM interest and activities in astrophysics, Earth science, heliophysics and planetary science. The approach seeks to teach camp participants to work together in order to complete missions, relying on methodology developed during 29 years of ASTRO CAMP® sessions held at Stennis Space Center. The theme for this year’s ASTRO CAMP® is “We Go … Finding our Place in Space with NASA Science!” The program highlights the Artemis generation, with NASA Moon to Mars Next Gen STEM modules and various science collaboration opportunities, such as the R.O.A.D.S. (Rover Observation and Drone Survey) on Asteroids Challenge. The R.O.A.D.S. on Asteroids challenge focuses on developing and executing a mission to the asteroid Vesta through the use of mapping skills, a robotic rover, and drone, while searching for signs of life. Additional resources include PLANETS, STEM activities from Northern Arizona University, and access to NASA subject matter experts. ASTRO CAMP® provides collaborators with professional development, the 2021 ASTRO CAMP® Facilitators Guide, activity supply lists, on-line resources, NASA completion certificates templates, and the on-line support of education specialists (as needed). Collaborating organizations must provide: 1) a program leader/facilitator, 2) support staff, 3) facilities, 4) supplies/materials and 5) program management for each camp site. Program leaders and facilitators must take part in a one-day Educational Professional Development workshop provided by NASA education specialists in order to be designated as an official NASA 2021 ASTRO CAMP® Community Partners Site. For more information about becoming a community collaborator contact: Kelly Martin-Rivers, or 228-688-1500 or Maria Lott at or 228-688-1776 For more information on the ASTRO CAMP Community Partners Program, visit: For more information about Stennis Space Center, visit: Valerie Buckingham Stennis Space Center, Miss. 228-688-3898



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