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Rainbow® SRX® Vacuums Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

Fire isn’t supposed to be part of a properly functioning vacuum cleaner. That’s why Rexair recalled about 42,800 Rainbow SRX vacuum cleaners sold in the United States and Canada.

The exact problem, as stated in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice: “The circuit board on the vacuum can spark, posing fire and burn hazards.”

To Rexair’s knowledge, vacuums have caught on fire twice.

This recall covers the Rainbow SRX vacuums with model No. RHCS19 Type 120 and serial Nos. 22003399 through 22077889. They’ve been sold over the last year for a retail price of $3,200.

The company is offering repair. People can either call Rexair at 833-940-2775, 9 a.m.

to 9 p.m., Central time, or go to the Rexair website and enter the model number to find a local distributor.


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