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Polly Parker makes it through tough battle with COVID-19

Some very good news came out of Highland Hospital in Picayune on Thursday morning. The first patient to be discharged from Highland Hospital that had to be placed on a ventilator due to COVID-19, was released and able to return home.

A large group of doctors and nurses lined the exit to cheer on Mrs. Polly Parker who had been admitted to the ICU on April 4th. Her condition deteriorated to the point that intubation was required on April 6th. She remained on the ventilator for 8 days until her condition improved enough to be moved to a general room. Dr. Sadiq Fatima, Highland Hospitals Critical Care Physician, said Mrs Parker was very close to passing, but that her incredible, upbeat attitude certainly played a part in her recovery.

“Very, very close. There were multiple times that we thought we would lose Polly, but she made it through. It was nothing short of a miracle,” she said.

Mrs. Parker took a few minutes to thank her doctors and nurses for helping her beat the COVID-19 virus, and to let them all know that they are now part of her new family.

“I thank God for all of you. I will never, ever forget y’all,” Parker told them.

Dr. Fatima said that Mrs Parker was the first to be released, but many others will be getting discharged soon.

Parker survived her battle with COVID-19, but lost her dear husband Rve. Donald Parker who was the pastor of Greater Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Rev Parker, a well respected pillar in the community, passed away on April 4th, the same day Polly was admitted to Highland Hospital.


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