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PMHS kicker Morgan Craft teams with local club to support special needs citizens

With the High School Football Season about to kick off, a local high school player has joined forces with a local club to fund a good cause to help those in our community with Special Needs.

Picayune Memorial High School placekicker Morgan Craft and the Kiwanis Club of Picayune have teamed up in an effort to make the new playground at Friendship Park in Picayune more inclusive for those with special needs.

The goal is to raise the $1,500 needed to move the existing wheelchair swing from the old play area to the new play area at Friendship Park.

A bigger goal is to raise enough to purchase a new wheelchair swing (approximately $5,000) to go with the wheelchair merry-go-round that is currently in place. One hundred (100) percent of all funds collected will go directly to this project. If both of these goals are reached, then the money will go to local Buddy Ball Program.

Pledges are based on a dollar amount times the points scored by Craft.

For example, if someone pledges $1.00 per point and Craft scores 8 points in a game, the donor would then pay $8.00 toward the fund. Last season, Craft scored 84 total points with a combination of extra points (1 point) and field goals (3 points).

Pledges can be sent to .

Please include your name, phone number, pledge amount, and the game you wish to pledge for Craft's point total.



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