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Picayune schools make changes to return to school plan

The Picayune School District has made a change to their return to school plan. Previously, the plan did not address the wearing of masks leaving that as an option for students and employees.

The changes, as released yesterday, is as follows:

Students are required to have approved masks as part of their school supplies.

Students and bus drivers will be required to wear masks on buses. Students will also be

required to wear masks in common areas and when directed by a teacher or

administrator. Students are expected to provide their own masks. The district will work

with families on a case by case basis if a hardship exists. Masks cannot display images or

wording that is inappropriate, immodest, suggestive, obscene, profane, alluding to

illegal activity (i.e. gang affiliation, alcohol, or controlled substance), or offensive

because of references to race, gender, ethnicity, or other groups.

The complete plan is available by clicking on the link:


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