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Picayune Main Street wins MMSA award


JACKSON, Miss. (August 19, 2020) – The Mississippi Main Street Association (MMSA) celebrated achievements of Mississippi Main Street Communities with a special virtual Annual Awards presentation this year. MMSA staff presented the 2020 awards from the Old Capitol Inn in downtown Jackson via Facebook Live.

The annual awards honors Main Street directors, board members and volunteers and recognizes the most outstanding downtown development projects from Main Street communities in Mississippi.

“Mississippi Main Street is excited to celebrate the achievements of our Main Street communities,” said Steven Dick, MMSA Board President. “Our local leaders have worked tirelessly to provide economic opportunities, increase quality of life, and preserve what makes our downtown's special.”

MMSA Board President Steven Dick welcomed everyone to the virtual annual awards and recognized member communities and annual investors. Thomas Gregory, MMSA State Coordinator, Jennifer Prather, Director of Community Development, and Jeannie Zieren, Director of Communication and Marketing, presented the awards to 33 different cities.

Picayune Main Street won the award for Outstanding Façade Improvement Project for its “Making Downtown Loveable” project.

Five downtown businesses were revitalized in Picayune Main Street’s “Making Downtown More Lovable” Façade Grant Program. Picayune Main Street was awarded a Community Investment Program Grant from the Mississippi Power Foundation.

Area manager, Byron Hill, wanted to partner with Picayune Main Street to help make Pearl River County a better place to live. Strong and vibrant communities are important to Mississippi Power. Picayune Main Street was also overwhelmed by another generous supporter, C&M Marine Ventures. Owners Kevin and Gidget M. O’Daniels donated paint to assist with the completion of the downtown campaign. Through the support of Mississippi Power, C&M Marine Ventures, and Picayune Main Street, Inc. five downtown businesses received façade updates that included pressure washing the front of each building and adding a fresh coat of paint and new awnings. As a special addition to the grant, 12 additional parking spaces were added on South Main Street, along with repairing a sidewalk and repainting the crosswalks.

The Mississippi Development Authority, Entergy Mississippi, and Mississippi Power were recognized as top investors of MMSA and sponsors of the annual awards.

In 2019, Mississippi Main Street's Designated Communities generated 185 net new businesses, 62 business expansions to existing businesses, 633 net new jobs, 101 building rehabilitations and 331 downtown residential units. In addition, 178 public improvement projects were completed as well as 36 new construction projects in downtown business districts. More than $148 million was invested by the public and private sectors in 2019, and more than 43,211 volunteer hours were recorded.

Every dollar spent in this organization results in $80 of private investment, the highest return on investment of any economic activity in the state.

Since 1993, MMSA has generated more than $5.5 billion in private and public investment (including more than $1.3 billion in public investment). MMSA currently has 45 Designated Main Street Community members, four members, and eight Associate members.



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