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Phase I of countywide paving nearing completion

Tyler Johnson - WRJW News

County Engineer Les Dungan stated, “Even though the last couple weeks have been slow due to the weather and holidays, we have issued the task orders to pay the contractors.”

Dungan said that the most recent task orders that have been issued are for John Amacker Road and Old Highway 11. These two roads will require around 3,000 tons of asphalt and are ready to be completed now that the crews have finished the prep work needed. Dungan later added that the final road for Phase I of the paving project will be Pine Grove Road.

The project started with approximately $12 million total from the budget as well as the bond that was issued. The remaining amount is around $4.3 million and will be used in Phase II of the project which Dungan hopes to have completed by the end of March.



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