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Pearl River County Utility Authority acquires Millard Jail Wastewater Treatment Facility

Picayune, MS – Pearl River County Utility Authority recently acquired the Pearl River County jail complex wastewater treatment facility in Millard.

The 6.8 acre treatment facility includes a bar screen, lagoon, oxidation ditch, and UV effluent disinfection. The cost of acquisition was $230,000, which reimbursed the County for a portion of the cost of their 2015 plant improvement project. The property transfer was agreed to by both Boards several years ago, but there were delays in closing due to complications with the land deed.

Millard Wastewater Treatment Facility Aerial Photo

PRCUA has operated and maintained the facility since 2015. The County is charged a monthly treatment fee based on actual flow through the plant, averaging $4,600 for 1.3-million gallons per month.

Cliff Diamond, Executive Director of the PRCUA summed up the transition of the facility.

“This was a common sense solution for the County and the Authority which should benefit the citizens of Pearl River County. Maintaining operational efficiencies and environmental compliance in a modern wastewater plant is highly technical and costly, requiring management by certified personnel. We are fortunate to have three certified wastewater operators on staff operating nine wastewater facilities across the county, so this was a good addition for us and didn’t require hiring any additional personnel.”

About Pearl River County Utility Authority

Pearl River County Utility Authority (PRCUA) is a public utility responsible for managing and coordinating water resources and wastewater treatment throughout Pearl River County. PRCUA owns and manages 4 water wells, 9 wastewater treatment facilities, 90+ pump stations, 950+ grinder pump stations, and provides water and/or sewer utility services to approximately 20,000 residents of Pearl River County. For more information, please visit



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