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New Public Defender introduced to Supervisors

Fifteenth District Circuit Judge Prentiss Harrell introduced Matthew Busby as the the new public defender during Monday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors.

Busby replaces Lindsey Watts who took a position with the Attorney General’s office in Jackson.

Busby, a Mississippi coast native, will be moving back to the area from Houston, Texas, and stated he was excited to take the position and looks forward to moving to Poplarville. Busby is a graduate of William Carey University.

“This is a dream job. I’ll not use this as a stepping stone. I’ll be here as long as my heart beats,” Busby told the board.Busby introduced Mike Williams who will also join the team.

Prior to his introduction of Busby, Judge Harrell praised the Supervisors for their vision in building the new board room and the soon to be occupied new courthouse annex. Harrell stated the new board room, which was constructed with inmate labor, saved the county a lot of money and the new board room is being utilized by other people in the community.



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