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Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson visits Picayune

Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson was in Picayune on Tuesday evening to address members and guests of the Pearl River County Republican Party at Dixie Que Bar-B-Que restaurant.

Watson commended Pearl River County Circuit Clerk Nance Stokes and the county election commissioners for the outstanding job they continue to do in work related to elections and voter roll maintenance.

“You all do a great job of voter roll maintenance here that is at around 80 pecent which is a really good number. I wish I could mimic you all around the state,” Watson stated as he recognized the group.

The percentage Watson referred to is the percentage of voting age population on their voter rolls. He stated that 43 of the 82 counties have 90 percent or more and 7 of those counties have 100 percent or more and one has over 107 percent on the voter rolls.

“I’m not a mathematician, but that’s impossible,” Watson said.

Watson said that his responsibility is to do what is best for all residents of the state of Mississippi.

“I’m not the Secretary of State for the Republicans. I’m not the Secretary of State for the Democrats. I’m the Secretary of State for Mississippi.”

Watson said when he took office, he told his staff a few simple things he would ask of them.

“I never want to hear no. I want you to tell me why. And don’t you ever tell me this is how we’ve done it.”

Watson said he challenges his team to work within the law and statutes of the state of Mississippi, while looking for ways to reduce regulations and restrictions and most importantly get out of the way of businesses.



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