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Lake Hillsdale residents asking the county for assistance

Michael Williams - WRJW News

Wednesday’s meeting of the Pearl River Board of Supervisors was held with two of its members unable to attend. The three members in attendance were able to conduct routine business.

Additionally, one of the agenda items was a presentation from the Lake Hillsdale Property Owners Association (LHPOA). The area being discussed is just off I-59 and the Hillsdale Road exit.

LHPOA members Aimee’ Behrens and Charlette Warren asked the Board to look into appropriating funds to repair several roads in the community. While most of these roads are private; school busses need to have adequate turn-arounds to safely operate and the roads leading to those turn-arounds do fall under County control. The LHPOA asked the board to look at using some Federal funding in order to pave these streets.

Charlette Warren and Aimee Behrens address the Board of Supervisors

Behrens stated that the LHPOA was looking at adding a ballfield and other public facilities to attract new homeowners to the area. Mrs. Behrens was also asking for better Fire protection.

Acting board President, Hudson Holliday, who resided in that position while the two members are out, stated that there is a shortage of volunteers to man firetrucks in the Hillsdale District due to current volunteers having jobs during working hours. Holliday asked the LHPOA to do their best to attract fire volunteers who may not have the obligations that most of the firefighters have.

Another issue Behrens provided was a request for more patrols from the Sheriff’s Department to help combat what she said was drug use occurring in an area where people have set up tents and are living on lots that don’t have any permanent structures.

Sheriff David Alison met with Behrens, Warren, and other members of the Lake Hillsdale community behind closed doors to learn more about their concerns.



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