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Juniorette Diamonds of Picayune to host Service Dog program on February 12

The Juniorette Diamonds are part of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, one of the oldest women’s volunteer organizations that has a longstanding partnership with Canines Companions for Independence. The club’s federation has a long history of partnership with Canines Companions for Independence” and assist in raising funds to help train dogs. The group has made a difference in a young man’s life through their “Service Dogs” project work.

Here in our own community, there is a child with severe seizures and the community helped raise funds for a service dog for Eli Formby, son of Mark and Rita Formby. His sister is in Juniorette Diamonds, so several in the club helped in the fundraising. What a blessing when Eli was assigned his service dog Prescott!

Because the community was such a part of this process, the Juniorette Diamonds will host a program at Crosby Commons on Thursday, February 12, at 4:30 pm, to meet Prescott. His trainer Alison will be available, and is really excited not only to introduce Prescott, but to educate people on the importance of Service Dogs, as well as the differentiations between Service, Therapy, & Companion Dogs.

The Juniorette Diamonds are aware of the valued service that these dogs can give adults, children, and Veterans with Disabilities. Help support this very important nonprofit to train dogs for adults, children and Veterans with disabilities.

Prescott was trained through Hub City Service Dogs, a local nonprofit in Hattiesburg.



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