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Judge renders decision in City of Picayune vs Landry Lewis Germany trial

The City of Picayune has been found negligent for its actions in allowing a trial to proceed when city officials and its legal team were fully aware that Councilman Larry Breland’s son, Lorenzo Breland, was on the jury while the case was being heard. The initial trial in the City of Picayune vs Landry Lewis Germany Architect’s PA case was in regards to determining if the architectural firm was at fault for flooding at Picayune City Hall due to the design and specifications that were proposed for work on building.

According to the court document filed, near the end of the trial, the judge was made aware by an “unknown person” that a Picayune Councilman’s son was on the jury. After meeting with the legal teams from both sides, a mistrial was called.

Recently, 15th Circuit Court Judge Anthony Mozingo ruled in a bench trial that the City of Picayune was negligent for not disclosing the younger Breland’s presence on the jury.

The court document is below.



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