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Golf carts on the streets of Picayune a 'sticker' situation

At the Tuesday (5-17-22) meeting of the city council, Tom Milar, Code Enforcement and Planning Officer, told the Picayune City Council that everything is in place for people to obtain a license to operate golf carts.

Milar stated that he's ready to accept the applications, but the physical registration stickers that are to be applied to the carts haven't been received, and he doesn't want people to make two trips to finish up the process. He said he hopes to have the stickers in next week.

In order to obtain your golf cart license the owner will have to provide a copy of their drivers’ license, insurance card, a completed application, and have the cart inspected to make sure it's up to code. A copy of the application and the ordinance that applies to carts is available at City Hall and the train depot.

When the stickers arrive, cart owners can apply in person with their golf cart for inspection in one stop at the train depot Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.

First time registration fee is $100 and the renewal fee will be $50.



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