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District 106 State Representative Jansen Owen announces his position on state flag

Mississippi District 106 House of Representative Jansen Owen released a statement on Thursday stating his position on whether the state of Mississippi should change it’s flag. In the statement, Representative Owen stated he was in favor of changing the flag and explained the reasoning that lead to his stance on the controversial issue.

Owen’s statement said, “A state’s flag’s sole purpose is to unite its people under a common banner. The current flag and the symbol embedded within it fail wholly at that purpose. For over a century, the confederate battle symbol has perpetuated an environment of hate, oppression, and racism. It hurts our Black brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Owen, who was elected in August of 2019, gaining 61 percent of the votes cast, ran his campaign on not accepting the status quo that he believed has held Mississippi back for too long. During the campaign, Owen stated, “I'm offering new blood. I'm offering a new generation of principled, conservative leadership to bring Mississippi into the future. I'm offering you a fighting spirit that will never back down. I'm offering you change.”

In the statement, Owen said he had spoken to constituents over the past few weeks on this issue who offered varying-- yet passionate -- opinions representing both sides of the issues. Owen stated he prayed seeking God’s wisdom and guidance to make the best decision for Mississippi’s future.

Owen’s statement said “My conscience and love for our Mississippi and her people demands that I be able to look them (his two little boys) and tell them that I stood for what I believed to be best for all Mississippians—and what I believed to be right.”

Representative Owen's statement is included below.



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