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Designs for new Mississippi flag are released

The Mississippi Department of Archives & History has posted a gallery on its website that includes over 2,000 design submissions that meet the criteria set by the Mississippi Legislature. Toview the gallery click the link: View Flag Gallery

The designs had to include the words “In God We Trust” and could not feature a Confederate battle emblem. The photo gallery gives you the opportunity to like which flags you prefer by clicking on a heart on the image.

It’s now up to the Mississippi Flag Commission to pick one design that will go on the Nov. 3 ballot. If voters reject that option, it will be up to the commission to present a new flag for voters to choose.

By Aug. 7, members of the commission will each choose their top 25 flag submissions. The panel plans to provide a top 10 by August 10. The commission will meet again later in August and pick five options that will be turned into fabric flags.

On Sept. 2, the commission will select its final flag design to put before the voters on Nov. 3.


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