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COVID-19 numbers high again for 2nd day in row in Mississippi

On Wednesday, the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) reported 526 new cases of COVID-19 in the state and 22 new deaths —12 of which occurred between May 30 and June 14, identified from death certificate reports. Mississippi's total of COVID-19 cases since March 11 now stands at 23,424, with 1,011 deaths according to the agency’s statement on Wednesday. Nineteen of the new cases reported were among residents in long-term care facilities, and there are now 84 active outbreaks of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities.

Currently there are 523 Mississippians hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 infection, and 244 with suspected COVID-19. The number of cases reported statewide on Wednesday marks the second-highest one-day total since the pandemic began. The highest one-day total, 611, was reported on Tuesday.

Pearl River County on Wednesday had a total of 228 cases with 11 deaths, and 20 cases with six deaths in long-term care facilities. Hancock County has reported a total 106 cases of the novel coronavirus, up from 103 on Tuesday; and has logged 13 deaths from the virus. Eight of the total number of cases and four of the deaths occurred in long-term care facilities.

State Health Officer Thomas Dobbs warns that hospitals will be overrun in the fall at the rate COVID-19 is spreading because so many Mississippians fail to follow simple public health guidelines. Hospitals, and especially intensive care units, are already filling up even though public health officials had hoped novel coronavirus cases would slow down in the summer. They have not.

Dobbs urges all Mississippians aged 2 and older to wear a mask or face covering in public places. socially distance, and avoid large crowds, but he doesn’t see that happening. Dobbs believes an executive order mandating masks in retail stores might be needed. They are mandated only in businesses where close contact is unavoidable, such as hair salons and doctor’s offices.


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