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County garbage hauler given a second chance

Once again the trash ordinance was brought up during the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors’ meeting Monday morning. Kelly Burks, owner of Smelly Kelly’s Trash Pick-up spoke to the Board, owning up to the numerous violations his company received.

Board Attorney, Joe Montgomery pointed out to Mr. Kelly that one of the most serious of the violations are his contracted workers not keeping active insurance on the trucks they use. Mr. Burks said that he understands the Boards position, but that he is doing his best to follow the rules, but some of his violations are simply over-sites.

During their last meeting in January, the Board pulled Smelly Kelly’s permit. Mr. Burks then changed his company name to Kelly Smelly and then re-applied for a permit, went through his inspection and was approved to continue to pick up household waste. The Board took issue with the name change while violations are still occurring.

District 2 Supervisor Malcolm Perry announced that he had received a video showing a Smelly Kelly’s truck on Highway 11 without the required tarp covering the trash recorded this past Saturday. Under the current ordinance, Supervisors can suspend a company’s permit for one year, effectively shutting down the business.

Supervisors went in to a lengthy executive session to discuss what action should be taken against Mr. Burks. Upon re-convening, Board President and District 5 Supervisor Sandy Kane Smith gave Smelly Kelly’s a 30 day extension and let it be known that all equipment, insurance, and ordinance requirements must be in complete compliance. Any infractions by your sub-contractors or those working under the Smelly Kelly’s name would affect Smelly Kelly’s as a company and pull the permit to operate.

After hearing this, Burks announced that he was unfairly being singled out and that County Litter Officer Jason Lee was lying about citations he had recently written involving other drivers for Smelly Kelly, this response coming after Burks had previously admitted he and his drivers were at fault.

When discussion became more heated, District 2 Supervisor Malcolm Perry made a motion to disregard the 30 day extension and immediately pull Mr. Burks’ permits. The motion died for lack of a second, but an obviously angered Smith told Kelly Burks that he would be under the microscope for the next thirty days.

As the conversation with Burks came to an end, he ensured the Board of Supervisors he would do what it takes over the next thirty days to get his business in order and in alignment with the codes and ordinances of the county.


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