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Corrections Officer arrested by Pearl River County Sheriff's Office

Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison said that during the past month, Corrections Officers and Detectives with the Narcotics Division had received information that a Corrections Officer, while working with the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department, had been introducing contraband into the jail facility.

Sheriff Allison stated that an anonymous source contacted the Sheriff’s Office approximately three weeks prior to the current time stating that a Corrections Officer named "Jesse" was bringing contraband into the jail. Between the dates of March 13th and March 15th, 2020, Correction Officers within the facility recovered cell phones, tobacco, and Marijuana from the zones inside the jail facility.

Through the investigation, investigators were able to identify Jesse J. Pernell, age 21, of 12 Restertown Road, Poplarville, MS., as the person bringing in the contraband according to Sheriff Allison.

On March 16, 2020, Sheriff Allison said that enough evidence was gathered to arrest Pernell on two counts of Introducing Contraband into a Jail Facility. Sheriff Allison said the investigation of this case is ongoing and other arrests are possible in the near future.

“My office and officers are dedicated to keeping the staff, inmates, and others safe while they are at the Lenoir-Rowell Criminal Justice Center. I would like to thank my Corrections Officers and Investigators for all of their hard work on the case,” Sheriff Allison stated.

“Even though we have to arrest one of our own, we will not tolerate this kind of conduct or behavior from one of our employees.”


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