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Civic Woman's Club Pilgrimage--Home of Tim and Ysonde Hobbs

Darlene C. Adams --CWC Reporter

The 35th Annual GFWC-MFWC Civic Woman's Club of Picayune Christmas Pilgrimage Scholarship Fundraiser. As customary, the club’s Pilgrimage will have three homes and one church for the 2022 Pilgrimage Dec. 3 from 2-6 p.m. The tickets are $10 in advance from a CWC member, MeLinda's Fine Gifts, and $15 at the door, sold only at the three homes. No tickets sold at the church.

Home of Tim and Ysonde Hobbs

105 Crestview Lane

Picayune, MS 39466

Tim and Ysonde‘s home at 105 Crestview is nestled in the woods of the River Oaks Community of Picayune. As you pass through the decorated gates you will arrive at a traditional American Federal style brick home.

Built in the 1990s the house rests on the site of a Native American village. The property was later owned by an officer in Andrew Jacksons army. A spring beside the house was used a campsite by Jackson’s army before the Battle of New Orleans.

Inside you will find a mixture of past and present with a blend of contemporary and antique decor. In the hall is an Art Nouveau china cupboard with Ysonde’s collection of clear glassware. On the right is a formal dining room set with her mother’s china and candelabra. In the china cupboard are Mardi Gras keepsakes celebrating her family’s 200-year participation in New Orleans life and culture.

In the living room is a large antique buffet. Look for Mardi Gras carvings of crowns, jesters and a female figure holding a crown and scepter. There is also a large religious statue from Ysonde’s former home at St. Elizabeth’s in New Orleans. Saint Elizabeth‘s was originally a nunnery and orphanage bought by vampire author Anne Rice and later converted to condominiums. Off of the living room is an atrium where you can view the woods, spring and pond.

Upstairs is a master bedroom with a large outdoor patio that

overlooks the pond. The guest bedroom has a replica of an 18th century canopied bed and an original renaissance revival master chair.

On the third floor, is a small Victorian bedroom. Another third-floor room is filled with toys for Ysonde’s grandchildren. It is decorated for Christmas tea. An upstairs interior balcony overlooks the casual family room.

You are welcome to pass through the family room and follow the brick walk to the wine cellar. The cellar was designed by Tim and inspired by Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop on Bourbon Street.



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