City of Picayune unofficial vote tallies

These numbers include absentee ballots. 20 affidavit ballots to be reviewed (will not change any race per Reggie Hanberry)

Mayoral voting--

Luke will face Democrat Laverne Guy in June General Election.

•City of Picayune unofficial results from Precinct 1: Republican

Anna Turnage 325 Antha Mitchell 162 Turnage wins election

•City of Picayune unofficial results from Precinct 2: Democratic

Terrilyn Griffith 84 Dimitri Johnson 7 Griffith to face Lynn Bogan-Bumpers in June.

•City of Picayune Precinct 3

Republican Jan Stevens will face off against Democrat David Fred Smith in June General Election

•City of Picayune unofficial results from Precinct 4: Democratic

Larry Breland 173 Vernon Robinson 89 Breland wins re-election

•City of Picayune unofficial results from Precinct 5 : Republican

Frank Ford 222 Larry Cagle 123 Robert May 30 Ford wins election

*no runoff required as Ford won with 59 percent (needed 50 percent plus 1 vote to avoid runoff).

*unofficial means they have to be validated by City Clerk Amber Hinton’s office, which in these races is a formality.

Registered voters per Precinct:

1 1597

2 1315

3 1110

4 1483

5 1279

Total 6,784


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