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City council votes to move forward on new police station

During Tuesday's meeting of the Picayune City Council, Mayor Jim Luke made an impassioned speech with his thoughts on the proposed new police department. The mayor told council members and citizens in attendance that the police department has been forced to work in a building that contains mold, mildew, leaks, and has been completely outgrown by the department.

Mayor Luke went on to say that a new building has been asked for for over 20 years and that it has been kicked down the road for all that time. He announced to the council that he would be voting yes when the item came up for a vote later in the night.

When it came time to consider the request to approve the resolution to finance the new $7 million dollar building, Council heard from financial officials, explaining how all the financing will work.

The council unanimously approved the funding to begin the process toward completing the new criminal justice center. The mayor said an earlier statement said he would like to see a groundbreaking on the property in 4 to 6 weeks



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