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City Council recognizes citizens; Stalemate remains on school board appointment

Michael Williams - WRJW

The mayor and members of the Picayune City Council recognized members of the school system and police department during Tuesday’s meeting.

South Side Elementary teacher Susan Spiers was honored for being named 2021 Mississippi Rural Teacher of the Year.

Superintendent Dean Shaw, Susan Spiers, and Mayor Jim Luke

Next, the key to the city was awarded to two recipients, former Picayune Maroon Tide football Head Coach Dodd Lee and Superintendent Dean Shaw who were named to the 2022 Coaches Hall of Fame by the MS Association of coaches. Coach Shaw received the honor for his stellar basketball coaching record and Coach Lee received for his impeccable football coaching record.

Harvey Miller received the first Citizen Coach of the Year award presented by the Gill family. The award has been set up to recognize people that put in an incredible effort into the lives of Picayune's children by coaching them in youth athletic programs. The award will be named for Harvey Miller for all future recipients of the award.

Seven members of the Picayune Police Department received promotions and should begin their newly assigned duties immediately.

Later on the agenda, the Council was asked to name their appointment to fill the vacancy on the Picayune School Board. Council member Anna Turnage and Mayor Jim Luke had to recuse themselves from discussion and nominations due to ties with the school system that could be viewed as a conflict of interest. The gavel was passed to Mayor Pro Temp Larry Breland.

One nominee was named and it was Mrs. Jan Sweet. Council Members Frank Ford and Janice Miller-Stevens voted yes to appoint Mrs. Sweet , however, Lynn Bumpers and Larry Breland voted no. The Council must have a unanimous vote to appoint the new school board member.

Due to this stalemate, the board seat will remain empty until a candidate that is mutually agreed upon can be named. The issue could be sent to Governor Tate Reeves for a decision if the Council cannot agree upon a candidate.


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