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City Council discusses latest on contract with school district for resource officers

With Councilman Larry Breland residing over last night’s meeting of the Picayune City Council with Mayor Ed Pinero’s absence, the subject of school security officers provided by the city to the Picayune school district was once again brought up for discussion. At issue is $38,000 dollars which was spent by the City of Picayune for training 7 school resource officers.

Councilman Wayne Gouget, made the suggestion that if an agreement could not be met by the next meeting, then the City should not extend the contract pass June 30th of this year. He also voiced concern over the fact that the City has no real answer as to whom these officers report to, be it the Police Chief or the School Superintendent?

City Attorney Nathan Farmer

This issue has been in limbo for several months due in part to the illness and recent passing of Picayune School District Attorney Gerald Patch and the time it has taken in getting Attorney James Keith up to speed.

City Attorney Nathan Farmer stated that he had been in contact with Mr. James Keith, and that he had hopes of bringing the issue back to Council by the next meeting, for a decision one way or the other on the contract.



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