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City council approves gates and fence for Snyder Park

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune City Council, the council approved a request to install gates and 932 feet of four foot high commercial chained link fence at Snyder Park located on Beech Street near South Side Elementary School.

Public Works Director Eric Morris told the council he had two quotes for the work with estimates of $9,192.00 and $9097.00 that he had received in 2019. Morris said he could reach back out and get updated quotes, but he did not foresee a major change in the amounts.

The council approved the request to move forward pending the receipt of new quotes for the project.

The council also approved a request from Picayune Police Chief Bryan Dawsey to authorize the sale of seized firearms from the 15th Judicial District Circuit Court that were turned over to the city. The funds from the sale of the firearms will be placed in the city’s Drug Fund.

Chief Dawsey (pictured )said there are 141 guns and they have a few options on how to sell the firearms. He said the city can sell the guns in private sale (possibly to one gun dealer), a public sale, or a public auction. The guns are valued from $5.00 to upwards of $300.00 each.



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