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Chancery Clerk office serving residents during the COVID-19 pandemic

Weeks ago, Pearl River County temporarily closed offices in Picayune and consolidated services in Poplarville, except for the drive through window at the Tax Office in Picayune.

Some citizens with Chancery business were waiting in the drive through lines in Picayune only to find out when they reached the window, they could not do Chancery business.

Chancery Clerk Melinda Bowman feels for the citizens of the county.

“I hate for people to waste time. So I’m really hoping we can get the word out so residents of Pearl River County will call my office. We are helping a lot of people handle things over the phone, via email, fax and mail”, Bowman stated.

The main phone numbers for the Chancery Clerk office are 601-403-2314 or 601-403-2316.

For business pertaining to Land Records, Delinquent Taxes, Child Support, or Court Records, please call 601-403-2345.

Bowman reiterated your office’s commitment to being able to serve the residents of Pearl River County.

“We are working 8-5 Monday through Friday. The Chancery Clerk office is open and working hard to serve people during these difficult times for so many in our community.”

Bowman has placed the following signs to remind people of how to contact her office staff.

Signs by Barousse Designs



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