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Catching Up with Chief Joe Quave

by Beth Lindsey WRJW (09/2023)

I officially met Picayune Police Chief Joe Quave on August 1, 2023, during the Annual Picayune National Night Out on Crime at The Crosby Commons. We talked some about the National Night Out on Crime and other past and upcoming events for the Picayune Police Department (PPD)

National Night Out on Crime has been around for over 25 years in the United States. The PPD previously went around to different areas of the community on this night, but when COVID hit, they needed to pause this act. With the pause, there was time to re-evaluate how best to participate. The Department decided they needed to upgrade to a central location and involve other public safety agencies.

All the agencies involved this year had some employees in their “off-duty” clothes, some in uniform, and displayed vehicles and equipment. This was an awesome opportunity for members of the community to feel more knowledgeable about and at ease with our public safety agencies. Also, they included many civic groups and businesses who contribute to safety in the community. Just like Chief Quave said, “together we can accomplish a lot.”

He mentioned that, once again, Layups at the Link was a success. This was the second year PPD held this activity. They were able to meet up on nine (9) Mondays this summer, which is one more than 2022. Quave said on average there were about 15 teens who attended each week with a total of around 30.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the officers to loosen up and engage with the teens of the community. Additionally, PPD uses Layups at the Link yearly as another activity that is safe for teens during the summer. He is working on “trying to find ways to meet needs of all ages and backgrounds.” He also said this was “certainly a group effort though and we’re thankful for the partnership with Picayune First Baptist Church and the church members who help supply drinks and snacks.”

We also talked briefly about his “Chief Joe Quave” Facebook page. He loves discussing different projects and going “deeper in the weeds.” The Chief said he dives into topics that some of the community have questions about, but maybe don’t know how to ask or if someone would even be interested in answering those questions. The Picayune Police Department also has a Facebook page with just over 21k followers. They love to have fun there! But don’t worry – they still provide the community with serious information and updates.

A few things to keep your eyes on…

  • The PPD has an officer in North Carolina currently training with a K-9 program. Keep a look out on their FB page for more updates… and a VERY GOOD DOGGO. **UPDATE FROM THE CHIEF** “Cpl Shayne Cunningham and K9 Trea have been back for over one week. We are excited to have him back after completing the 8-week K9 Handler Course at Edgecombe Community College. East Coast K9 and Orchard Knoll K9 were instrumental in helping us make this happen and we appreciate their assistance. Everyone here was excited to meet Trea. We purchased her through Orchard Knoll K9, and she flew from Holland to North Carolina where she met Shayne for the class. We’re excited to get Shayne back too, but mostly Trea.”

  • Coffee with a Cop is coming up again on October 4th at Creekside Café.

  • Also, Chief Joe Quave told me a secret… Do you want to know? I’ll just give you 5 words…... Christmas. Shop. With. A. Cop.

Picayune Police Department is located at 328 S Main St, Picayune MS 39466.

They also have a Facebook page “Picayune Police Department” and Chief Quave has a Facebook page as well “Chief Joe Quave.”

For more information, they can be contacted at (601) 798-4682.

However, in case of emergency, please dial 9-1-1.


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