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Catalytic converter thefts still occurring in area

Picayune Police Department Assistant Police Chief James Bolton wants the public to continue to be on the lookout for suspicious activity in the area as the theft of catalytic converters continues to occur. Bolton said most of the thefts have occurred on larger vehicles such as motorhomes, cargo vans, and larger vehicles. Bolton added that the crimes have not only been limited to Picayune, but all across the area including nearby Louisiana.

One may wonder what has brought this kind of crime? Soaring prices of the precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, or gold are used catalyst in the converters. Depending on which metal was used, thieves can sell the converters to metal recyclers for $20-$200. The recyclers then extract the metal and resell it for as much as $6,000 an ounce, as in the case of rhodium.

The exhaust-control devices common in most cars contain one of these precious metals, whose prices have climbed more than 50% since mid-August. Palladium is now more expensive than gold at $ 2,210.00 per ounce while gold is currently at $ 1,867.68. Rhodium price per ounce as of today was $16,250.00.

Assistant Chief Bolton said the investigation is ongoing. If anyone has any information about anyone who may be involved with the thefts that have occurred, please contact Captain Rhonda Johnson at 601-337-6544, Det. Aaron Grob at 601-273-1863, or Picayune Police Department at 601-798-7411 or any local law enforcement agency.



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