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Sheriff David Allison makes history with his re-election for a 4th term

Sheriff David Allison made history with his re-election becoming the first four term sheriff for Pearl River County. Allison received 8,954 (70.53%) to challenger John Tank Herring’s 3,731 (29.38%).

Allison commented, "I'm humbled by the support of the citizens of the county. I pledge to continue to provide honest and trustworthy law enforcement for the citizens of Pearl River County. We will continue to strive to make Pearl River County a safe place to live."

Overall, in Pearl River County, the voter turnout was 39.78%, which is a very high turnout of voters.

In the Supervisor elections, incumbents Donald Hart and District 2 Supervisor Malcolm Perry both won their re-election bids.

In District 1, Hart received 1,121 (54.31%) to defeat Russell Foster 811 (39.22%) and Jimmy Buckley 136 (6.58%).

Perry retained the District 2 board seat with 2,615 (88.17%) to John Ernest Stringer 338 (11.40%).

In the Justice Court Judge North District, Benjamin Breland was the winner with 3,719 (73.43%) over Joe Smith 1,174 (23.18%), and Max Hardberger 166 (3.28%).

In the race for the Pearl River County School board District 3, Mark Herring won with 608 (63.01%) to Tiffany Windham 351 (36.37%).

State Senator Angela Burks-Hill was re-elected to represent District 40 receiving 12,255 (76.71%) to Thomas Lehr 3,721 (23.29%) which included the Pearl River County vote totals.

Complete Pearl River County voting summary (Click Here)


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