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PRC schools to receive DOJ grant

Pearl River County School District Superintendent Alan Lumpkin, along with members of the School Board, recognized some hard working and diligent district social workers at Thursday’s School Board meeting.

Paula Russell, Denise Rouse, Kimberly Sauls, Brittany Stewart, and Jennifer Carr, put in the difficult hours necessary to secure a U.S. Department of Justice grant in the amount of $143,295.00. The district wide grant is called STOP and is a Violence Prevention & Mental Health Training Program.

Brittany Stewart, Paula Russell, Denise Rouse, and Superintendent Alan Lumpkin

The program is designed to provide social and emotional assistance for students in the school district. The board approved the acceptance of the grant, but it will formally be handed to the school system during an official presentation in Washington D.C. in the near future.


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