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Picayune school board reviews goals from previous year

During Tuesday Picayune School Board of Trustees meeting, Superintendent Dean Shaw reviewed the 2018-2019 district goals with the board. Goal 1 was to have six retired, certified teachers worked 90 days with first year teachers or any teacher that need help. Shaw said the mentoring was a huge success and he felt this contributed to the district’s Level B rating.

Superintendent Dean Shaw (standing) reports on last year's goals

Goal 2 was focused on ADA (Average Daily Attendence) that went up from 93.20 percent to 93.44 percent. Shaw said bad weather days in February set the district back some on the numbers being lower, but he added that the months used by the state to count for funding purposes, October and November, went from 94.43 percent to 94.45 percent. Shaw sent the yearly number was 93.44 percent which is higher than the state minimum requirement of 92 percent. If the number is below 92 percent, the letter grade (level) will drop one letter.

Goal 3 was to maintain an 8 percent fund balance and this was exceeded. Shaw said he will report on Goal 4, which deals with student safety and a safe orderly environment, at the next board meeting.

Goal 5 was to implement strategies to increase student academic success by improving reading, language arts, math, science, and subject area tests at the high school. Shaw said the school used a few different strategies and tools like i-Ready, small group instruction, and administrator observations to make improvements in many different areas in both the high school and junior high school.

Dwight Bond (left) and Kevin Herrington were recognized by the board and administraion for their efforts in forming the Rip Tide Fishing Club. The club, started by Herrington and Bond in 2016, has 80 participants ranging 7th grade through 12th grade throughout Pearl River County. Bond, who has been bass fishing for about 30 years, said he learned to fish from his dad who primarily liked to saltwater fish. Bond said safety is a big emphasis for the team when on the water.


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