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Supervisors get update on bridge repairs

County Engineer Les Dungan gave the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors an update on bridges during their Tuesday meeting.

Dungan presented bids received from the bid opening for the bridge on Anchor Lake Road just to the east of Interstate 59. Dungan told the board he was pleased with bids and recommended the board accept the low bid in the amount of $384,008.12 from Fred Fayard LLC. Fayard is the same contractor who is currently working on McNeill Steephollow bridge according to Dungan and he stated that Fayard is doing a good job on that project.

County Engineer Les Dungan provides the board an update on Tuesday

The work on the bridge replacement on Lakeside Drive in the Anchor Lake subdivision has begun. The contractor has begun the clearing the trees from the work area and meetings with the utility companies to coordinate the relocation of the electrical power and Charter cable are planned to occur over the next two weeks. Once that is complete, Dungan said the contractor will remove the existing bridge and begin to drive the new piling for the replacement bridge. Dungan said the plan was for a message board will be put up in that area at least seven days prior to the road being unavailable for use and he believes that will occur either later this week or early next week.

Dungan told the board that the bridge on Anchor Lake Road over Mill Creek will have its final inspection with state officials and the contractor on Wednesday (September 4, 2019).


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