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PRCC Celebrates 2018-19 LPN Graduates

Pearl River Community College celebrated the 2018-19 Licensed Practical Nursing graduates in the Ethel Holden Brownstone Center Tuesday, July 30th.

Family, friends, and fellow Wildcats cheered as the students walked across the stage to receive their pins.

“We think of it as a family degree,” said one LPN student’s mother, “because it really is a group effort to make it possible.”

PRCC congratulates all graduates and looks forward to the bright futures of these impressive Wildcats.

Graduates are listed by hometown:

Bassfield: Brianna O’Quin (NALPN member)

Beaumont: Cindy McDonald (PTK, NALPN, and NTHS member)

Brookhaven: Amanpreet Uppal

Brooklyn: Amy Baughman (PTK and NALPN Member)

Carriere: Victoria Becerra (NALPN member), Nicole Huesmann (NALPN and PTK member), Maya Johnson (NALPN member), Erin Mullins

Columbia: Marlo Ball ( NALPN Member), Lisa Disbrow, Abby English ( NALPN member), Precious Harper (NALPN, PTK, and NTHS member), Kaitlyn Rogers, Kristina Rogers (NALPN member), Destini Swanigan (NALPN member)

Foxworth: Jessica Slocum

Greenville: Marquita Rhymes (NALPN, PTK and NTHS member)

Gulfport: Caren Dallas (NALPN, PTK and NTHS member), Natalya Kennedy (NALPN and NTHS member), Tawanda Nelson (NALPN and PTK member),

Hattiesburg: Jana Battee (NALPN member), David Broome, Sean Copeland, Suzanne Copeland, Carisma Graves, Tashara Henry (NALPN member), Jelea McLeod, Rosalyn Moss, Alisha Shorts (NALPN, PTK, and NTHS member), Ashley Smigielski (NALPN member)

Kiln: Ashlyn Cuevas (NALPN member)

Monticello: Cadie Durr, Teran Madison

New Orleans: Esaw Mathews

Noxapater: Chelsea Moore (NALPN and NATHS member)

Petal: Kalee Keisman, Jerrica Son

Picayune: Maylen Cooke (NALPN and PTK member), Hesper Miller (NALPN member), Jennifer Owens (NALPN and PTK member), Alison Robinson (NALPN member), Sabrina Williams (NALPN member), Tiffany Wooley

Poplarville: Alexis Eaton (NALPN member), Kolby Havard

Prentiss: Myia Hayes (NALPN member), Ahlexus Johnson (NALPN member), Victoria Pittman

Sumrall: Brooke Farve (NALPN member)

Wiggins: Morgan Danielle Martin (NALPN member)


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