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PRC school board makes policy modification; officially appoints Alan Lumpkin under new law

At Thursday's (June 13, 2019) meeting of the Pearl River County School Board, Chairman Elaine Voss discussed with the board members the need to add vapes to the current tobacco policy.

The policy already bans the use of any tobacco product including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, dip, or snuff on any school property, by students and adults.

Board members (L-R) Elaine Voss, Natalie Glorioso, Christian Burge, and

Jerry Frazier review the tobacco policy during Thursday's meeting

Vapes use a battery-operated heating coil to turn a liquid into a vapor. Vapes are marketed as a safer alternative to smoking and as a way to become less dependent upon actual cigarettes. They became popular among young people due to the flavors that these liquids produce, but most still contain the same addictive chemical as tobacco…nicotine.

The Board unanimously agreed to add Vapes to the zero-tolerance policy of tobacco products on school property.

Also, during the board meeting, the board accepted the resignation of Superintendent Alan Lumpkin and then reappointed Lumpkin as Superintendent all in the same motion. This action was required to allow the school district to be in compliance ahead of the January 1, 2020, implementation of a new state law abolishing elected school district superintendents.

The district made this change effective now in order to start the school year (July 1st) with Lumpkin already in place as an appointed superintendent.


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