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School board hears request from band boosters

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune School Board of Trustees, Cheryl Espino, President of the Picayune Memorial High School (PMHS) Band Booster Club, addressed the board members in an attempt to secure possible funding assistance for a heavy-duty diesel truck to pull a recently acquired trailer that the PMHS band uses to transport instruments, props, and equipment the band uses for both halftime performances at football games and competitions.

The recently 32 foot long, triple axle trailer has required the PMHS Booster Club to rent trucks from rental businesses in town or occasionally receive one on loan from local auto dealer Herring Ford Lincoln to transport the trailer. Another issue for the band is having to configuring the load leveling hitch for the trailer to each different vehicle that has been utilized to pull the trailer. The band also has a 28 foot trailer purchased five years ago that only requires a gas powered truck to pull it.

Mrs. Espino explained the need for more constant access to a suitable truck to safely move the award-winning band’s equipment to events which are often at distances far away from Picayune.

The board agreed to take the matter under advisement and that the District would be in contact with her.

Also during the meeting, it was announced that tickets prices will remain the same for football season except General Admission and Season Football Tickets which have a change due to the number of home games in 2019 being one less than last year (5 home games this season). The school also introduced a new Senior Citizen reserved ticket. Seniors can still get in to the games with free admission, and if they would like to have a reserved seat, they can pay $20.00.

All Sports Passes for adults are $55.00 (entry to all Maroon Tide sporting events) and $25.00 for students. Reserved season tickets for football are $35.00 and General Admission football season tickets are $30.00. Student All Sports Passes are $25.00 and Student Season Football Tickets are $15.00.


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