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Coroner reminds people to take precautions when swimming

With the drowning death of an 18 year old in Hideaway Lake in Carriere on Monday evening, Pearl River County Coroner Derek told WRJW News that he is aware of numerous deaths by drowning being reported in south Mississippi in the past ten days. WRJW News found the following drowning related headlines:

  • 18 year old Long Beach high student drowned in Leaf River (Thursday May 16

  • 44 year old Covington County man drowned in private lake (Sunday May 19)

  • 37 year old Gulfport man dead after drowning at Dedeaux Park (Sunday May 19)

  • 21 year old Gulfport man drowns in Red Creek in Stone County (Sunday May 26)

Coroner Derek Turnage sends a warning to area residents on the dangers of swimming and WRJW reminds residents to take precautions when swimming, especially in waters not monitored by a lifeguard.

Turnage said, "The biggest danger is swimming alone. Secondly, swimming in creeks, rivers, and lakes are extremely dangerous especially with school being out and everyone wanting to get in the water."

Here are some reminders about swimming safety:

Swim together--Implement the buddy system when swimming. It’s always good to swim in pairs so that if something happens, you’re not alone. At least if you’re swimming with a friend, they can help you make your way to shore or out of the pool if anything goes wrong.

Know your limits-. If you’re tired you should stop. You don’t have to push yourself to do 40 laps in one afternoon. You’re not training for the Olympics. If you just want to float around and relax that’s okay too. Know your limits and take it easy when you swim. If you find yourself out of breath or fatigued, get out of the water and rest.

Stay (medically) alert.--If you are someone who wears a medical alert pendant, make sure you have a waterproof one you can wear in the pool. You can also give a spare pendant to the person you’re swimming with just in case.

Don’t Mix it with Alcohol-- Why is drinking alcohol so dangerous before you swim? Alcohol can impair your senses, alter your sense of distance, and make you feel disoriented and confused while in the water. ... If you plan on swimming, don't drink before you go in. If you do drink, stay out of the water for at least an hour per drink you consume.


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