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City Council recognizes award winners

During last night’s meeting of the City Council, the council recognized individuals and groups for awards they recently received at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and the Mississippi Federation of Women’s Clubs of Mississippi Convention in Starkville, MS.

Ms. Shirley Stough was chosen as Club Woman of the Year for the state of Mississippi.

“She is the only reason I got out of high school and I know she’s the only reason I’ve got a Ph. D, I can assure you,” Mayor Ed Pinero said with a big smile.

Pinero added, “Seriously, I love here dearly, she’s been a great person, and she did look out for me as a kid. I’ve never forgotten it.”

The Civic’s Women’s Club of Picayune was named Club of the Year at the convention.

The Picayune Juniorette Diamonds of Picayune and Pearl River County were named Club of the Year at the convention.

During the meeting, Public Works Director Eric Morris asked the council for permission to relocate two pieces of playground equipment from its current location on Daniels Road to a new location on Hwy 43 in Mildred Mitchell Park. Morris said the city had received complaints about Mildred Mitchell Park for safety concerns.

Eric Morris (left) discusses Mildred Mitchell Park request with Wayne Gouguet

According to Morris, the park is divided by a city street (Daniels Road) and when parents are using the park with their children, the children have to cross the street if they decide to play on the equipment on the other side of the street, thus they must cross the street back and forth as they play in the divided park.

Morris explained that once the equipment is moved across the street into Mildred Mitchell Park, the area across the street will then be used for convenient parking. The council approved the request.


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