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MDOT and other agencies recognize Hurricane Preparedness Week

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) joins the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and other state agencies in recognizing this week as Hurricane Preparedness Week.

Gov. Phil Bryant issued the declaration, and MDOT wants residents to prepare today for hurricane season.

Commissioner Tom King, Southern Transportation District said, “Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and runs through November, but the time to prepare is now. Before any tropical weather forms, residents should have an evacuation plan in place.”

To help residents plan evacuations, MDOT provides free travel resources including hurricane maps in English, Spanish or Vietnamese, and the MDOT Traffic mobile app.

The hurricane maps will be distributed through newspapers south of Interstate 20 the first week of June. Additional copies of the maps will be available at city halls, libraries and other community centers in south Mississippi. Orders can also be placed online at

Residents are also encouraged to download the MDOT Traffic mobile app. The app provides real-time traffic conditions throughout the state and will be utilized to publish emergency alerts directly to users.

“This year marks 50 years since Hurricane Camille struck Mississippi and 14 years since Hurricane Katrina,” King said. “When a tropical system threatens, we know evacuation is the best way to protect your life and the lives of loved ones.”

MDOT will also join MEMA and various state agencies at the annual Partners in Preparedness Summit in Biloxi this week. Participants will engage and share valuable preparedness information during the summit.

“Partnership with MEMA and other agencies ensures coordinated communications which will help save lives,” King said.

For more information about hurricane preparation, visit Also visit for additional safety information.


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