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Council denies subdivision request again; discusses speed limits

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune City Council, the council had a lengthy discussion on a request from Jon Pearson for an 18 unit of single family residents for Ridge Crest II on property located east of Ridge Road on Solange Drive.

After a discussing many concerns about the long-term maintenance of the proposed fence around the property lines and other items related to the proposed development, the council voted 3 for (Wayne Gouguet, Lynn Bumpers, Larry Breland) and 3 against (Mayor Ed Pinero, Tammy Valente, and Jan Miller-Stevens). This was the second time a similar request from Pearson has been denied by the council.

L-R: Mayor Ed Pinero, Council members Tammy Valente and Larry Breland

Also during meeting, the council heard from Picayune Police Chief Bryan Dawsey about the council discussing two speed limit changes. The first discussion was in regards to changing the speed limit on West Canal Street from Quince to Church Street during specific times of the day due to the heavy presence of people, especially children, who attend dance and martial arts classes in this area of West Canal Street.

Dawsey asked the council to consider changing the speed limit from 20 mph to 15 mph during the hours of 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mayor Ed Pinero said that while he is very sensitive to child safety in the area, his initial thought was this would be put an additional burden on the police department on trying to enforce the 15 mph limit.

Dawsey also brought for the discussion for the council to look at changing the 30 mph speed limit to 20 mph on Third, Fourth, and Fifth Avenue.

Since this was brought to the council only for discussion, Pinero asked Dawsey if they could have more discussions to see what is the best way to address the speed limits.


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