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PRC's Connor Ryder thanks the school for his success

At last night’s meeting of the Pearl River County school board, Cadet Commander Lieutenant Connor Ryder, a senior at Pearl River Central High School and a member of the the school’s ROTC program, gave the board an update on his decision on the educational path he plans to undertake upon graduation from PRCHS.

Ryder said that he was providing the update not to lift up his own accomplishments, but rather to tell about what PRC has allowed him to do, the environment that PRC creates that allows students to accomplish and achieve great things, and to be able to apply for difficult and competitive scholarships and come out on top.

Connor Ryder speaking during the board meeting

Ryder had received a scholarship offer from Notre Dame University for a five year program with an estimated worth of $200,000 and a scholarship offer from the National ROTC program that would allow him to attend any Navy ROTC school in the U.S. for four years and the scholarship would pay for all of his college, valued at $180.000. Ryder said that he had to turn these down because the Lord has blessed him and his school with some amazing opportunities.

Ryder said that he is going to accept a scholarship from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY for $262,000. He explained that the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy is one of the five service academies and he would attend the academy for four years and then serve in the five years in the maritime industry.

Ryder told the board that he did not think he would have been able to be in this position at any other school. He thanked PRC for the great environment, and especially the teachers for making sure that he was getting all the information needed for him to be successful.


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