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Supervisors discuss county-wide garbage collection

Litter and the future of garbage collection in the county topics of concern for the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors during their Monday meeting. The board is looking at what can be done now and in the future.

Pearl River County Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer Kolby Davis talked to the board about the possibility of the county creating an ordinance to be used in litter and property cleanup codes. Davis told the Supervisors that he has talked to other counties in the past they have had some of the same problems as Pearl River is experiencing.

Davis asked the board about the implementation of an ordinance with attached citations for those that do not adhere to warnings to cleanup properties. The board and Davis will look at options on what has been done in other counties across the state before taking a direction on the matter.

Sandy Kane Smith (far left) and Hudson Holliday (far right) discuss garbage collection.

Board Vice President and District 3 Supervisor Hudson Holliday said he would like for the board to look at county wide garbage collection.

Holliday stated, “I do not want to put anyone currently operating a private garbage collection company out of business. I want us to look at this and find a way to put something in place where the current haulers can be part of the process.”

Holliday suggested to have a workshop to begin looking at how this could be done. He said he believes the county could be broken down into zones and that around 12 trucks could be in place to pick up the garbage for residents. Holliday said that at some point the county has to look at it’s solid waste plan for the future and he believes that the current landfill operation could be shut down by the operator (Waste Management) if the facility is not profitable.

Board President and District 5 Supervisor Sandy Kane Smith added “as long as I’ve been on the board, we’ve been needing to do this.” Smith said he supported Holliday’s approach on getting a workshop in place to get the process started.

Holliday added, “We need to sit down with Waste Management and lay our cards on the table and see where they are. ”

In a related matter, the county adopted Saturday, March 30, 2019, as county wide clean up day to coincide with the City of Picayune’s Great American Cleanup Day.


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